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Humans of UEA

In October 2014, shortly after resuming school for our final undergrad year, I met with a friend, Alessandra, for dinner. We started talking about the awe-inspiring Humans of New York page and Ale mentioned that a similar page was dedicated to students during her semester abroad in Hong Kong. We loved the idea of knowing a bit more about the various faces on campus that would make them relatable and having the university campus feel more connected.

We decided to collaborate and start the page, telling stories and inspiring people. Ale interviewed people while I took the pictures. Within a week, the page grew to more than a thousand followers and we were featured in the The Tab The Tab is an online news network which publishes original stories by young journalists.

Screenshot 2017-08-26 11.13.05

Entry #1

It was inspiring to listen to stories of courage and resilience to encouraging messages and then light-hearted stuff like fashion features. On some days we struggled to find anybody willing to open up while other days were quite successful.

Screenshot 2017-08-26 11.20.29

Follower #1000

The year went by quickly and we started our search for a successor to build on the work we started. We experienced some disappointments after potential successors dropped out, citing overwhelming workload  among others reasons. Working on the ‘Humans of UEA’ team was my way of relaxing and I didn’t see it as work. We eventually found a gentleman, Navid, to take over and it was time to say goodbye.

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 11.53.31

Last entry as founders of Humans of UEA

No new entries have been made in a while but I promise this is an archive of funny anecdotes, good thoughts and inspiration.

Visit Humans of UEA !!!

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