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My Filmmaking Journey So Far

Hi guys, welcome to my photography and filmmaking blog. I started this blog to share  my work and thoughts on the process. This is my journey so far.

On the 23rd of June 2011, I innocently went along with my cousin to the London Supermeet in South Kensington. At this point I had no idea of what to expect from this event. As the evening went on, various companies such as Red Giant, GenArts, Apple, Autodesk and Black Magic design displayed their cutting edge filmmaking tools. I became fascinated by the tools’ capability to change the narrative and look of a film. I left that event inspired to learn more about filmmaking and editing.

Later that year, I decided to purchase the newly released Final Cut Pro X. I started watching tutorials and testing out its functionality. I also got extra plugins because I thought that would guarantee results. Throughout that year in college during my A levels, I made 3 videos with a friend’s camera which I edited with FCP X and added numerous effects. These rather amateurish videos screened at the Christmas and Leavers (Graduation) events.

At university, I studied Computer Science but also took some modules in the film department. In 1st year, we studied ‘Analysing Film & TV’, where we theorised the mise en scene, music, and cinematography of some films. In 2nd, I had the opportunity of directing a morning magazine show called ‘The AM Show’ for the ‘TV Studio Production’ module. We also analysed the TV & Film industry, its value chain and also pitched an idea for a TV show.

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In my final year, a classmate and I produced a mini-documentary on the life of Antionette Hannent for the Norfolk Film Office for my ‘Professional Video Production’ module. She ran the ‘Jolly Butchers’ pub on Ber Street, Norwich and was known for her jazz singing.

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For the whole of my final year at university, I desperately looked for a scriptwriter that I could collaborate with but it proved near impossible. I decided to develop a script with a friend which lasted several weeks. After my exams, I had a window of 2 weeks to organise and shoot the film before potential collaborators and actors started travelling home for the holiday. The name of the film is ‘Isabella and Lester’, iconic right? Just like ‘Romeo and Juliet’. This was my first short film and we shot it in 4 days with equipment supplied by UEA TV studio. At that point, I was desperate to make something and didn’t have any on-set experience. More on this experience in the future.

‘Isabella and Lester’ is a love story about Lester (Kahmal Spencer) and Isabella (Di Rongfei) who try to make a relationship work despite growing up in very different cultures.

Screenshot 2017-08-09 12.22.00

After graduation, I worked at a TV station in Lokoja, Nigeria for about 9 months. Towards the end of the internship, I decided to start work on a short film script. After pitching the story to some friends, I decided to start pre-production. After a casting nightmare, I decided to recast and shoot a second version of the film. I mean, it’s a short film so there weren’t any colossal consequences.

‘Silver Lining’ is a coming of age story about Chinwe (Nike Iwasokun),  who decides to defy her dad’s wishes and pursue her dream job.

Screenshot 2017-08-09 12.52.20

After the internship, I started a filmmaking diploma at London Film Academy. This experience has been very rewarding. I have about 4 weeks left on the course, more details in the future.

*UEA – University of East Anglia

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